The Boom Effect for charity

Think the Jerry Lewis telethon with 99% less juggling.  And 100% less Carrot Top
This coming weekend (the 27th) I'll be hosting a live webathon (telethon - on the internet!) to raise money for a little girl who lost her mother.  The Juggernaughts of Podcasting are coming together to set up a college fun for this little girl, so that way her father isn't left with the burden of doing so on his own.  
This charity event will be taking place online (www.theboomeffect.org) via ustream, and we're uncouraging everyone to come out and participate.  If you can't spare a few bucks, no problem.  We're going to provide 5 hours of entertainment with guests, as well as an auction for nearly 80 special items.  See www.theboomeffect.org for a complete list.
If you'd like to be a part of our live studio audience, you can email jettshow@gmail.com, or if you'd like to make an appearance on the show no matter where you are from (audio or video), email rotooutcast@gmail.com.
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Webisode 26 – Tragical Mystery Tour Part 2

The conclusion to “Tragical Mystery Tour” is here. Our heroes Dekker, J.D. and Toy Dealer scour the city in search of the mysterious “Oracle”. Will this elusive guest star have the key to Dekker’s way home or is he just an insane homeless guy? All these questions are answered plus we learn the origin of J.D.’s name. guest starring Rob LaQuerre from “Bloated like Elvis” productions.

To watch, visit Hero Envy/Swass Adventures

Swass-Cast Episode 4 – Ben Cooper Costumes

The Swass-Cast is back with the funniest episode yet. In this episode we discuss all things Ben Cooper, Ben’s costumes were the Halloween staple for many years. We talk about the worst costumes of all time and how highly collectible some of these plastic nightmares were. We even get into some trick or treat memories we had wearing these cheap and ugly costumes. Sit back and enjoy this sweet treat from Reckless Sidekick Productions.

To watch, visit Hero Envy/Swass Adventures the webserieses

Swass-Cast # 2 – Character Spotlight: He-man & the Masters of the Universe

Welcome to the second exciting episode of the Swass-Cast from Reckless Sidekick Productions. In this episode our protagonists John, Keith, and Efrain discuss all aspects of He-man & the Masters of the Universe. The discussion includes all the different incarnations and some childhood memories. Enjoy the insight and laughs.

To watch, visit Hero Envy/Swass Adventures the webserieses